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» KKP Gallery Page.

Kikashi's Plain Gallery.


This was also submitted to my Da account as well.To anyone who's seen it before all I have to say is 2 or more times the charm.

Also a DA submit why?Cause I can.

Stay tuned for more peep's.

Conceptual Art:

This was a quick KK concept sketch for somthing I was gonna model in Maya just sharing it with yall.It can also be seen on my blog.


An official KKP wallpaper that works well on your desktop when stretched.Can also be seen on my Da account.


By a friend of mine by the name of Jarrett who created LunarBoyland one of my fav webcomics.Check out his website

Second version of Kk pic by my friend Macollado.

First Version of Kk by Macollado.

Kk drawn by Keith The Draw.