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Kikashi's Plain (Kkp) Has A Game To Soon Be Released!

Me & my twin bro have been working on a 2d freeroaming rpg adventure game.For this webcomic called Kk's Quest.Heres a few pixelart preview images for you all to look at for a while.To see how were progressing on it so far.

Our company logo.

Miaco running with her transformation called Mad Miaco.

Kk the main antagonist with his team & 2 cool Npc's I made of 2 of my friend's characters Marcky & Jo.

Kk & his team show in all their isometric glory.The members in this Team are Kikashi,Grey & last but not least Miaco!

Here's a pic I had on DeviantArt of Grey & his Transformation check it out http://twinkid.deviantart.com/art/Re-Color-Me-Peeps-102680752

Here's Kk walking with his famous cat hat on.And Grey one of his best pal's walking beside him.

Here we have one of the ice monster's on Kk's Quest monster's that reside in the cold places.

Here's Kk the lil champ running with his sword on his back.

Here's Kikashi crouching.

Here's Kk Rotating.

Here's Kk & his team rotating.

More info available on my 64 digits page http://64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=Darkman
Check out my blog as well http://dmantwin.wordpress.com/
Enjoy till game time:D!

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